Hangin’ with Charlie

Our friend and comrade Charlie Barksdale has been through a lot of changes in recent months. Due to his medical condition, he has been moved to Autumn Winds Retirement Lodge in Schertz, Texas (San Antonio area).

To encourage his recovery, we are inviting visits from his friends. Sharing great memories, laughs, and conversation will help to accelerate Charlie’s recovery. “Hangin’ with Charlie” is a sincere effort to increase his continued improvement!

Please sign up to visit Charlie! If you are not able to visit, a Goodie Box is available at the VFW to drop off greeting cards, gifts, or a gift card (Hooter’s, Olive Garden, Chili’s, VISA/MC). Gift cards will help his daughter Terry bring Charlie his favorite takeout or personal items he needs.

Keeping the number of visitors to 2 or 3 individuals would prevent him from being overwhelmed, as he will want to have a good visit with everyone. The best time to visit on any day is 10am-7pm.

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Who is Casey Joyce

On October 3, 1993, a young Army Ranger was in Somalia as part of the force trying to contain the warlords that were wreaking havoc on the starving people of Mogadishu. The powers-that-be decided to launch a raid to capture the dreaded warlord, Mohammed Adid. The raid was made up of about 120 Rangers and Delta Force Operators.

The fire fight had raged for hours. By the time the sun came the next morning, and the smoke cleared, of the 120 Americans in combat, 18 were dead and 73 wounded. Over 2500 Somalis lay dead or wounded.

During this long and vicious battle, a young Ranger had fallen from one of the helicopters and was terribly injured. Without help, the medics said he would die. One man stepped forward and volunteered to set off alone in search of a medivac vehicle, following the Ranger Creed of “….never will I leave a fallen comrade…”

This young Ranger was different from thousands of other troops in Somalia, he was ours!! He was a graduate of Plano Senior High School. Ranger Casey Joyce was killed in action and was decorated with the Bronze Star for Valor for his heroic rescue efforts. He was also awarded the Purple Heart and the Combat Infantry Badge.

Casey Joyce was born August 15, 1969 at Fort Rucker, Alabama. He attended the University of Texas at Austin and the University of North Texas at Denton.

He enlisted in the Army in November 1990, completed Airborne Training and earned the coveted Ranger tab. He served with the B Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment at Fort Benning, GA.

Sergeant James Casey Joyce is survived by his wife, DeAnna, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. David Gray of Plano; his mother, Gail Joyce, of Granbury, TX; a brother, Steven, of Atlanta, and his wife, Mandy; a sister, Sancy Joyce of Austin. LTC (Ret) Larry Joyce, Casey’s father, passed away in early 1999.